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This post was made by a Facebook user named Otufodunrin Damilola. It has got some notable lessons hence we just had to share.

He wrote:

What Entrepreneurs don’t tell you

Since I set out on the journey of entrepreneurship, I have spent a huge chunk of my time studying the lives of successful entrepreneurs who seem to have a satisfactory level of result that is worth emulating. Biographies, articles, interviews and books of these exceptional people have become a daily dosage for my ever hungry brain. Those who are close to me know that you can’t spend 5 munities with me without me referring to something new I had just discovered from studying their lives. At some point, I was beginning to think that they had some exceptional features in their brains until I began to listen Ben Carson talk about how every human has the same exact features of the brain irrespective of color. Successful entrepreneurs are people like you, however the only difference is that they do a few things that they won’t usually tell you.

We often don’t make as much as you think we make in the early days. This therefore reveals that our pursuit is not just for money. Driven by a burning passion, entrepreneurs believe so much in themselves even when there is ridiculous odds that it’s not going to work. you have to believe that you are going to make money month end, which often you won’t, you have to believe you can compete with big companies which often you can’t, you got to believe you can reach all your customers which often you won’t, you have to believe you can do so cheaply and cost effectively and make a profit which in the early days you probably won’t do. The only thing that will feed you in this trying times is your passion. Most times you end up with no money at the end of the month rather too much month at the end of the money.

There is no such thing as closing time. Free time for real entrepreneurs is rest time to get set for next work. I constantly tell people that one would require more hard work working for himself compared working for a company. Work for a real entrepreneur is more like an habit, this is possible because we love what we do.

Failure is a norm. However our reaction to failure is what matters, one of my mentor defined failure as “new information for creation”. My failures have continued to facilitate my growth as an entrepreneur. so when fear comes around. I immediately remind myself of the above quote.

Isolation is the order of the day. At some point in my life I thought I had a problem. I couldn’t boast of a single best friend like many do. The few friends I had were those who were also into the business of fashion. As I got deep into entrepreneurship I began to realise that this would forever be my style of living if I have to keep making progress. this does not mean that entrepreneurs have nothing to do with the rest of the world rather they only give 85% of their time energy and resources to the things that facilitate their growth, they cant be found visiting here and there. you have to come into their work space to be able to have access to them.

Reading is a tradition. I have read more outside school than I did when I was a student. the mind of the entrepreneur is perpetually opened to learning new things. they never stop searching for new knowledge this is why they are perceived as demi gods to the ordinary man on the street who see no reason to expose is mind to new knowledge.

Indeed the journey of an entrepreneur is one that cannot be taught, it is as unique to a person as their DNA. The world of business is ever changing, only a few manage to rise above failure to the apex of success. Therefore I urge every young African entrepreneur to strive for success and rise above mediocrity because we are the ones that would help shape the wrong narrative of Africa. The government has consistently failed our people. I dare say that we are the saviors that Africa has been waiting for.

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