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‘There were days I went to school with patched uniforms and got flogged mercilessly’, Young woman shares touching story.

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‘There were days I went to school with patched uniforms and got flogged mercilessly’, Young woman shares touching story.

A facebook user Cynthia Offor shared this touching story about herself on Facebook and it’s worth sharing. 

Read and get inspired. Below is what she wrote:


I was in primary 6 when I read the book,’ Without a silver spoon’. I guess you have also read the book. The book was a gift by my teacher during our graduation then. Till date, I have read that book like 5 times. That book was a source of hope and encouragement to me and as young as I was then, I knew that I have got to make a difference.

I didn’t get all the beautiful things in life. I didn’t have all the beautiful toys, clothes, shoes etc. I only get new beautiful clothes on Christmas . I didn’t grow up going on holidays in beautiful cities like most kids. My holidays never went outside the city of Enugu State only because my mum’s family lives there.

There were days I stayed at home because of my inability to pay school fees. I was on scholarship and was only mandated to pay N900 as of then but still, I couldn’t pay the fees. There were days I went to school without food in the morning so I can reserve the one I would eat in the afternoon. There were days I went to school with torn or patched school uniforms and get flogged mercilessly until Mum will finally get me a new one. There were days I walked to school without sandals or at times slippers cause mine has damaged without repair till it gets replaced with a new one.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but I wasn’t complaining. I didn’t attend the most expensive school in the city but I was contented with the one my family could afford. Being the last child, I didn’t meet up with Dad’s days of glory. Well, I guess I met up where God wants me to meet in order to make me step up.

I was called “poor and dirty” then in school cause I had ring worms. A smelly one . It added more salt to the injury. Some people didn’t want to associate with me cause of that. I was intelligent and I had good grades but I wasn’t fulfilled.

I was born without a silver spoon but I have taught myself how to eat with a golden spoon and I’m also teaching myself how to eat with a diamond spoon. I didn’t let my predicaments keep me In chains. I knew that the reason God brought me in this generation and allowed me face those challenges was because He wants me to make a difference! He wants me to step up and stand out!

I refused to allow people define me by my circumstances but by my intentions, because the circumstances of my life can never describe the quality of my personality. I understood that comfort and conviction can’t live in the same house because if you’re convicted about something, you have to pass through some discomfort and make it happen but if you’re comfortable,you can remain where you are cause thats where you will stay.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or what many people have told you. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed. I have failed big time and have heard lots of negative things but still ,I kept on moving! Those people who called me poor and dirty are the ones celebrating me today . Don’t ever give up! The journey may seem tough and difficult but don’t loose focus because you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.

Today, I appreciate God’s grace over my life because it’s not by power or might but by the Spirit.

Even if you’re born with or without a silver spoon, don’t just wait for things to happen. Make it happen!

Cynthia Offor is a motivational speaker, writer and coach.

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