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This interesting post was made by John Obidi, founder of Smartbcamp Facebook group.

The post has got so much wisdom in it. Read below:

THERE IS FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN and no one is running.

Young people need to wake up FAST!

When I say young, I’m talking about everyone from 15 to 25, and even younger.

When people say that you’re doing too much or you’re too serious for your age, cut them off, break up with them. You don’t need that poison.

Just recently, someone from the United Nations contacted me asking if I’d be interested in being nominated for an award for young achievers.

I said yes of course. Then they asked my age, saying I had to be 30 and under.

I’d just turned 31.

E pain me oh. I nor go lie.

Young people, trust me when I say this. You’ll all have sense one day.

One day you’ll be mature and ‘woke’ enough to understand and see through the grand deception behind BB Naija.

One day you’ll desire to truly live for yourself and leave your imprint on the sands of time, rather than through celebrity gossip.

One day you will have sense.

My fear is that by the time you decide that you’re ready to have sense, it will be too late for you and you’ll struggle.

Our people say “It’s not in old age a man learns to use his left hand”

At that age, trust me. Learning doesn’t feel the same.

At that age, it will be too late to start building confidence and competence in order to be eligible for the opportunities of the time.


The witchcraft in this country is strong and unique.
It’s designed to keep you out.

You need a superior craftiness to escape lack and poverty or you’ll be shouting “I RECEIVE IT” until you die.

My papa nor get money, my mama nor get. I saw the pattern early on and rejected it.

By God’s grace, I saw the light at 25. I ran for dear life and I escaped the cycle. Look at me now.

There are a few gaps in the system that open up from time to time. People like me stayed sensitive, we saw them open up and ran through like crazy people.

Leave Davido and Chioma. Shut up your mouth and mind your business.

Leave Miracle, Nina and Collins.

You don’t need to leave a comment on just anything you see. Can’t you see that the gossip blogs and media vampires need your attention in order to survive.

Nobody cares whether you make it in life or not. Don’t leave your future in their hands. Make your own moves.

Spend your waking moments building confidence and self esteem. Keep sharpening your powers of perception.

A lot of you are shy and it’s okay. Start getting out of it. Start getting comfortable addressing many people at a time.

Build your social, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Clean up your social media accounts.

Learn how to arrange and refine your thoughts. Then learn how to articulate them in writing and in spoken word.

Keep learning. Start teaching people what you know (paid or not) and get known for something.

Meanwhile shout out to the young people here who have decided to be unrepentant non-conformists.

I salute Mamudu Hamzat Gideon, Serena Francis, Uke Enun Jnr, Sylvia Chioma Eneghalu, Promise Excel, Duke Peter, Chinenyenwa Adaeze Umoke, Daniel Adetunji, Banjo Lekan, Milton Tutu.

If people haven’t told you guys enough, you’re doing phenomenal work. Do not take it easy.

There are much more of course so please pardon me if I didn’t mention your name.

Ponder this quote by Sir Winston Churchill and think about your life.


“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents.

What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”


This is even beyond getting your PVC.

This is the fight for your life.

It’s the battle for your seat at the table.

Don’t surrender it to society.

And while you’re at it, hold firmly in your mind a perfect image of what will one day be YOUR FINEST HOUR.

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