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This exceptionally educative post was made by John Obidi on Facebook and so we decided to share for our readers to learn from it.

He wrote:

Last night, I shared my thoughts on faceless men (and women 😉).

It was a small part of a larger body of knowledge pertaining to our purpose as human beings.

On this Facebook Group, most of us are pursuing business success – specifically FINANCIAL SUCCESS. WE WANT TO HAMMER.

For a long time, I chased this too until I came upon a quote by the great business philosopher Jim Rohn – “Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

Ha! This was divergent from all I’d grown to know.

As I meditated on this further, I began to see life differently as well as my place in it.

I began to see why it was important that I became popular, relevant, excellent, famous, rich, opulent.

I began to see why there was a sense of urgency to defeating my demons of low self esteem, self doubt, pride.

It wasn’t so that I could come here and ‘hammer’. The hammer will happen if you stay faithful, but it’s not the purpose. The purpose of your promotion is that you make yourself available as a flaming torch to light others.


If Steve Harris hadn’t started his podcast in 2011/2012, I wouldn’t have tuned in from far away Benin City and ignited my torch.

Did he make some money from it? Maybe, but that’s how the universe works. Give value and it will give you value (money) in return so you can keep on producing on a bigger scale.

But the money isn’t to retire in the Caribbean Islands. If you do, who’ll continue the work? Do you know how long it will take God to activate another soul for the mission?

I need you to see this!

Every time you show up, every time you appear on Television and express your thoughts so deliciously, someone somewhere is making a mental connection and drawing strength to fight their demons.

Every time you go on vacation, someone is thinking “Wow! I can do that too”

Every time you announce your Amazon Bestseller status, someone is deciding to learn to write a book.

Every time you publish a new episode of your podcast, someone decides they’d like to speak like you.

Every time you dress beautifully and perform well at a public speaking event, someone is thinking “I want to be able to do that”

To those who make themselves available for this purpose; those who can prove that they’re here for the entire journey, unconventional doors will open.

You’ll access information in minutes that your mates search for in years. Without reading books, you’ll talk and walk as one who has lived multiple lifetimes.

It’s nothing extraordinary really – just a few perks of being connected to the divine infinite intelligence.

Some of you at this point will shout “Ah! Yes. I’m available”.

The Universe is not stupid.
God is not mocked.

He knows when you’re just thoughtlessly committing with your lips because you’ll say anything for free food.

You’ll be tested with small droplets of success, as most already have. And most have failed.

When you have all you need, will you keep your head?

When all the girls who overlooked you early on are now sliding into your DM and saying “Loooooong time’, how will you play it?

When other younger people come to you with their problems, will you be that flaming torch to light them up? Or will you kick them down because they might be ‘competition’?

Will God boast with your name like Job? Or will He mourn your success (like Saul)?

To bring the point back home, I’ll end this with my quote from the earlier post.

“The moment when you realize that you’re not the plan; that you’re a significant but small and replaceable part of it.

The moment when you submit to a will that transcends your own; and though it might go contrary to everything you’ve ever wanted, you condemn yourself to senseless obedience.

The moment when you in all your perceived greatness bow to the sovereignty of divine infinite intelligence.

That’s when you become hard to kill, hard to be ignored.

That’s when the secrets of the universe fall within your reach.

That’s when your results defy the principles of time and space… and they should.

Because you’re no one, nothing.

Just a messenger.

A faceless part of the plan.”

– J.O

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