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A young vibrant lady who was also a poineer advocator for HIV/AIDS Campaign has died after a long battle with the disease which led to kidney failure and finally cancer. Her death is a very sad one as she was the only surviving child amongst 8 children. She left behing her aged mum and four young children.

Facebook user Havilah Mirielle Gold posted the sad story on her timeline. Read what she wrote below and help if you are touched to do so.

I struggled through this night ,trying to sleep,trying to get a grip of myself, trying to wrap it around my head that indeed Ogechi Stella Njoku is no more with us. I had high hopes. God knows best.

It was a tough journey for her. She fought so hard to stay alive. She told me on several occasions that she didn’t want to die because she feared for her aged mother and her very young children, the oldest is 15 years old.

I met her here on the streets of Facebook just when she was critically ill with kidney disease that needed corrective surgery. Even though it was for a short period ,I felt connected to her and was hell-bent on helping her survive this phase. She told me that she had struggled with HIV for years and the medications she was taking was what led to the kidney disease and that all she needed was a digital Sternt to support her kidneys.

Each time we spoke (video calls) she was always smiling at me ,calling me “my love” thanking me endlessly 😢.I was amazed at her strength and that gave me the push to seek for help for her. She was a warrior woman. A fighter till the end.

I learnt a lot about her from people who knew her. They all had wonderful things to say about her. She was a pioneer person for HIV/AIDS campaign. She counseled others who had tested positive, reached out to them in love and walked them through the phase of early diagnosis. She gave them hope that HIV isn’t a death sentence. She was a strong woman. She loved her friends passionately, she was very humble and a sweet being . Passionate and compassionate. Little wonder that so many people teamed up to fight for her life . When you do good;it surely comes back to you.

In the end , Ogechi didn’t die from HIV, she died from Cancer discovered too late during her surgery.

Dear friends, Ogechi loved her children passionately, she loved her mother passionately also but she has left them behind. It heartbreaking for me thinking about the fact that her mother had 8 children, 7 already predeceased her and Ogechi was her last hope,but God knows best.

Her 4 children are with their grandmother now and I feel at this point all we can do is to support them by raising funds to encourage them. A team of ladies have had meetings and we have come up with a plan to raise a trustfund for her children because we know Ogechi would have done the same.

Please send a word of prayers for her aged mother and her children. But as you do so help us to achieve this humanitarian service by giving something towards this donation. No matter how little, it will be very well appreciated.

Donations may be sent to
Olise Judith
Reference is Ogechi Njoku

May God bless you as you do so.

Thank you all who supported me during the fight for Ogechi’s life. Thank you for your prayers and donations. God bless you.

Rest in Peace Ogechi Stella Njoku, great woman!

Kindly share.

A gofundme account has been open to support her aged mother and children. Click here to contribute:


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