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READ AND LEARN: “A friend of mine is HIV positive just because he refused to LISTEN”

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READ AND LEARN: “A friend of mine is HIV positive just because he refused to LISTEN”


A man who goes by the Facebook name Kelly Hassino, shared a sad post of how his friend contacted HIV as a result of refusing to listen. I see lack of self control in this story. A lot of men are guilty of this that is why we are sharing to enable people to learn from it. Remember that life’s greatest lesson’s are usually learnt from the worst mistakes. So learn from this to avoid making that mistake that will change your life forever.

Here is what he wrote:

I never “force” a girl to make love when she says No!
But then, I wasn’t always like these. I was the kind of guy who thought that women tend to say one thing but they mean the opposite. I thought that a girl’s No, could mean Yes if you try a little more hard, so I would beg, cajole, bribe, and do anything to sway her to that point.
But something happened that changed me!
A friend of mine is HIV positive just because he refused to LISTEN
According to this guy, he met and wooed this girl, so beautiful as nature, just his right choice and specification.
So when she came visiting his home in the next couple of days, in the privacy of his room, things got hot and heavy on his side and he made to mount the saddle but she turned him down abruptly with the excuse that she was “sick”
My friend listened not to the warning..he wondered how she could be sick when she looked this healthy, so he tried more and more, deployed all the tricks in the books to get laid, he was stone hard below the belt and he wasn’t prepared to nurture the discomfort of a blue balls.
He engaged her in a sensual kiss and ran his fingers through her sensitive parts until she could take it no more and had to succumb.
Now laid down and legs spread far apart like the north and south poles, he readied his arsenal to launch his missile but the girl called for a last minute truce, the battle line was drawn. My friend wasn’t ready to retreat neither is he willing to surrender. He is a soldier!
He loaded his warhead and launched, hitting the target with a surgical precision!
When he was done and dusted, the girl became very unsettled and her body shivered, a damsel in distress! It took a lot of assurance for him to get her to tell him what was troubling her.
She broke the news to him,she has HIV!
My friend died and came back to life!! He lost 30 kilograms of his weight in 2 minutes. He cried and begged her to tell him she was joking but she cried even harder to convince him she was serious too. She got the disease from her ex boyfriend who got it from his ex girlfriend before her, who got it from her ex boyfriend too.. And so on and so forth!
He had fought a bravely in the battle but he had lost the war because he missed something vital..
But something was missing, he had no sandbags to protect his fortress from a “counterforce” so he was left vulnerable and prone and the enemy quickly capitalized on his mistake to gain grounds and his entire troupe was neutralized!
From that day on since I heard his story, once I make my move on a girl and she declines even in the most subtle manner, I quickly hold my fire because I inclined to feeling she might be trying to protect me from trouble. It might not be HIV but it could be something less or worse albeit harmful.
And HIV is not the end of one’s life but it can mean the end of a “normal life” for the bearer.
Protect yourself use condom if you don’t trust your partner HIV is real.
Prevention is better than cure.. And it’s even better if what you’re preventing has no available cure.

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