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A pregnant woman who has been enduring domestic violence for several years has finally cried out for her as her husband gets her locked up in Sharia Court. She sent a message to the founder of Sisterhood Africa Global, Nonnie Robberson who inturn shared it on the Facebook Group.

Here is what she posted:

What women go through

I got a frantic call from her today. Her husband has her locked up as we speak. She is pregnant.

This was the message she sent earlier.

I’m in desperate need of help ma. I’ve been married for 14 years now to an abusive husband. He flogs me with whip, beats me for no reason, threatens me and is determined to make life miserable for me. The 1st 9years of my marriage I was living in fear, he said that he has 7 spirit in him that if I tell anyone or even pastor that he’ll claim I’m sleeping with the pastor. It got worse, I had a house help he brought that was promiscuous. I begged him to send her away so that I can take care of my kids myself as the girl was treating my kids badly. My husband insisted that I must go back to my father’s house since I have the audacity to ask the girl to leave. My husband and the girl made life he’ll for me. I was beaten by my husband and the house help, but at the end his sister came & took the girl away when I caught them having sex. Ma

I started attending dunamis and became regular. I gave me life to Christian 4th Aug husband noticed the change in me and became more violent. On one occasion he beat me and knocked off my tooth for going to church. He kept on shouting that my prayers were disturbing him.

I still forgave him and stayed. But now I’m in another dilemma. I’m pregnant he strongly insisted I should abort the child which I refused, he promised to deal with me for disobeying him. He beat and stripped me naked in public, all in the attempt to kill the child himself.

I reported him to the police, he used his influence to frustrate the case. He continued threatening & mocking me. I took the case to human rights commission. He was called and denied everything even with picture evidence and even layer allegations on me… All lies

Ma I’ve been battling with masturbation … My kids are 3 & 4 years apart, he doesn’t want sex with me.I begged him for sex.. & insisted. He said if I can make him erect no problem.
He told me early in my marriage that I was there just to give him kids….


Got a frantic call from her tonight, saying her husband took her to Sharia court and has her locked up right now.

We have DPA involved. A good advocate human right attorney. Plz post on your wall ,let’s get her plight go viral. That was when her teeth was knocked out,stabbed with forks.

We need to lift her in prayers…

Lets share till she gets justice for this act of wickedness against her.



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