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By Janice Johnson Pemida

A new currency called Dascoin has been introduced into the world of cryptocurrency. This new currency will be launched into the public exchange market today, April 27th 2018.

The vision of the Dascoin evolution is to lay down a global bedrock of trust that will unlock prosperity for everyone by creating a better system for holding and exchanging value. Their aim is to be the world’s most secure and trusted digital currency.

Built on C++ and based on BitShares Graphene platform, the Dascoin which is characterized with speed, security, and efficiency had its source code published onto GitHub on April 1st, a year and a day after it began its operations.

In this exclusive interview with Samuel Oghenetega, one of the top investors of Dascoin in Nigeria, you will discover more about the Dascoin and how it works.


Introduce yourself briefly.

I am Shafere Oghenetega Samuel, a Life Strategist and Financial Options Expert and CEO ROYALTYMARK GROUP.

What is Dascoin about?

DasCoin is the next step in the evolution of money. Seeking balance, it draws on the strengths of existing money and emerging digital currencies whilst eliminating their weaknesses.

A hybrid designed to be the world’s first mainstream digital currency, DasCoin uses a consortium block chain to make it faster, more efficient and more secure.

When and how did you get to know about Dascoin?

I got to know about this opportunity through a serial entrepreneur (Mr Rufus Udeme) early 2017 through his regular education about blockchain and the innovative attributes a new system is bringing to the crypto currency space.

Who are the founders?
DasCoin is a global currency designed to deliver an optimal blend of security, convenience and utility, brought to you by NetLeaders.

How does it work?
It’s positioned to bring about utility, liquidity and ultimately price and appreciation capital.
What is the difference between Dascoin and other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin?

Better Performance – The DasCoin blockchain confirms transactions in just six seconds and its governance system allows for the implementation of evolutionary elements.

Greater Utility – Through DasPay, DasCoin will be accepted by over 60 million merchants worldwide.

Greater Efficiency – DasCoin’s consortium Blockchain is vastly more efficient than alternatives, allowing for rapid and efficient network expansion.

Enhanced Security – The combination of fully-authenticated network of users and a proprietary smart-chip enabled hardware wallet makes DasCoin the most secure digital currency available.

Greater Liquidity – DasCoin incorporates a variety of elements – including superblocks and access to a proprietary exchange – all measures designed to assure liquidity within the system.

Robust Ecosystem – Dascoin is at the heart of an ecosystem that includes all the functions required to create, hold and exchange value on a global basis.

Broader Adoption – An incentivised marketing model built into the ecosystem to ensure the systematic global expansion of the network.

Wider Distribution – DasCoin’s proof-of-value distribution protocol prevents wealth concentration within the currency and assures a much wider and more equitable distribution of coins, which enhances the stability of the system.

Full Compliance – DasCoin is structured to comply with emerging regulations focused on digital currencies, including full compliance with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CFT (Combatting Terrorism Financing) requirements.

How can a person begin to trade with Dascoin and what are the benefits?

There are basically two ways you can join DASCOIN. You choose any of these two ways or both.

Please mark the differences because they have deep implications.



Customers are those who buy a package and leave it for capital appreciation.

They cannot earn weekly income from team bonus even if anybody joins their team.

Customer packages are a great way to be part of DASCOIN without bothering yourself with recruitment or building a team.

If network marketing isn’t your thing, then go for the customer package but understand that you will not be part of other many incentives our advocates have.
[4/18, 09:47] Oghene Dascoin: Customer Licences in Euro

€100 – €500 – €2000 – €5000 – €12500 – €25000.

These are estimates only and subject to current exchange rates in accordance with your chosen payment option.

Advocates are business developers or networkers who share the opportunity with others and are rewarded with weekly income in accordance with their activities.

You can choose whatever resonates with you.

Advocate Licences in Euro

€145 – €545 – €2045 – €5045 – €12045 – €25045.

Bare in mind that as the days go by the number of coins per licence package reduces. Take for example, sometime ago, €100 licence would give you 600 coins. The same €100 licence only gives 129 coins today.
How is the value of Dascoin determined?

It’s from utility of the Das ecosystem, which is the value the Das consortium blockchain is providing.

What are some of the challenges/ risk associated with Dascoin?

There are risks in every venture! This does not exclude dascoin. First, it’s not a get rich quick scheme! It’s not a pump and dump kind of idea, where u come dump 20M and expect 60m in 3 days. It’s a progressive project that is built for long term.

Would you say the benefits outweigh the risk?
Yes the benefits outweigh the loss.

How do you identify genuine websites for trading with dascoin?
The different exchangers would be listed as dascoin goes into the external market today, April 27th 2018 in London.

Your advice for people who would like to trade with Dascoin but are still skeptical about it.
It’s OK to be skeptical about something that’s new and innovative, but would you rather sit and miss out from the revolution where education is bedrock? Often times, you don’t need to understand the idea from A-Z before getting started, just know the fundamental principles behind the technology, as your progress you learn.

Someone said, LEARNING PRECEDES EARNING! If you earn before you learn, then your earning potential would be reduced as you will be basking in the euphoria of what can’t sustain your journey, especially for early adopters who require some level of education. If you re someone who cannot pay attention to details, you might miss a lot from the platform as daily training and updates flood our email and you have got to read them to stay informed and relevant in the system, else you’d be preaching what has been abolished!

The educational program is so powerful. Remember, this is an emerging industry. Knowledge of this industry can make you additional income. I believe once you get the right EDUCATION as to how things work, your skepticism should reduce drastically.

For more information, you can visit blockchain24-7, a website created by Dascoin to provide readers with a better understanding of the digital currency sector.

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