In an interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV, Prince David Osei opened up about his sexual life and said he had to break his virginity to his then girlfriend who is now his wife in 2007 just to prove he is not gay.

He stated “The first time I had sex was in 2007. I was a virgin by then and I did that with my wife, who was then my girlfriend…It was a covenant I had with God. I broke this covenant out of pure pressure because my friends didn’t understand why I should be dating a girl for four years without doing anything to her. They even thought I was gay, so I have to do that to prove them wrong,”.

He also talked about how he met his wife and mother of his 3 kids when he was studying in the University Of Ghanaand made it clear that he has never been involved in a relationship with anyone in the movie industry.

“When I met my wife in 2003 at University of Ghana we dated for over 4 years before we had sex and subsequently got engaged in 2011, I didn’t know that I will become an actor at that time and though i eventually landed in the movie industry,I have not dated anyone from industry,”