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By Debbie Ibiyemi

As business owners, there are always dues to be paid. The days of bad reviews from clients, miscalculated moves resulting in debts and various levels of resounding ‘No’s that threaten to crumble you

This is the part where you are tempted to think you are not cut out for business or you are in the wrong business and if care is not taken, you get so hysterical and throw caution to the wind and begin to make decisions that will result in more bad seasons for your business

As a beauty business owner, do you feel drowned in the waters of your numerous competitors? Do you feel like despite your screams and advertisement shouts no one seems to hear you?

Do you feel like selling body butters and all natural oils is not working and therefore you want to begin to add a few steroid mixes to ‘move’ your market?

The place of ‘low’ in the business is a place of learning because as you go higher, tables will shake under your feet and what will determine how long you last on the shaking tables is the foundation you built right from the beginning, especially during those low moments

Success sometimes comes with a shovel, it’s intention is to dig your soil so as to plant itself deep in your business but in the process of digging, will it mistakenly dig out your buried skeletons?

Will it upsurge your shallow foundation?

It is not enough to set up ‘shop’ you must have a grounded mentality to make it work and be ready to fight all obstacles the right way, to win before you move on

The battles you fight today will set the pace for a stronger stand for you in your business and ultimately your industry at large

Embrace your low’s and gracefully rise above the No’s


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