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Author: Janice Johnson Pemida

There are more than few words to describe this young, beautiful, outspoken and multi-talented superwoman, Onyinyechi Perpetual Okpala (Vibrant Lady) who has been making waves in and out of Port Harcourt City for sometime now. She is one of the fastest-rising Event Host, Compere, MC and Motivational Speakers in Nigeria.

In recent years, she has been hosting a lot of World Class events including Lords of the Ribs with Basket mouth, Miss Reliable Nigeria, Miss Global Ambassador Nigeria and many more.

Onyinyechi Okpala, who is currently running her Master’s Degree Programme at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, is also a Super Talented Dancer.

The stage diva speaks about her career, growing up and other interesting aspects of her life in this exclusive interview with Jayinpire Media.

Please tell us about yourself.
I am Okpala, Onyinyechi Perpetual (Vibrant Lady)

What do you do for a living?
I am a Compere, MC, Event Host and a motivational speaker.

Can you tell us a bit about your background? How was growing up like?
I was born into a large family.I am the last of 11 children. I was born in Anambra state Nigeria and grew up in Port Harcourt. From my primary school down till my second degree is in University of Port Harcourt.

I was living with my elder sister and growing up was not funny, she was so disciplined to the point where even in the university I went to school from the house. I used the opportunity to mold myself and build myself to be a better person. I used that opportunity of not mingling around to build on everything I want

Apart from being an MC and a Motivational Speaker, what else do you enjoy doing?
I love dancing. I love reading, cooking and teaching.

Can we know a bit about your Academic background?
I went to the university of Port Harcourt primary and secondary school …down to the university of Port Harcourt where I studied linguistics and communication studies. I have a diploma in dance, and I am currently on my second degree specializing in broadcasting and presentation still in the university of Port Harcourt.

You have been making waves in and out of PH City for some time now. What has been the motivation/driving force behind your success?
Consistency, Prayers. I have no god father or mother or a real manager. I don’t have cliques or anything like that. I just use my social media platforms to promote myself and I get gigs.

What can you say about the journey so far? Has it been an easy ride?

It’s been very difficult… But I have a focus. I am not interested in being on every show or stage. I am Majorly concerned about the big stages and events outside the city of my residence.



Can you mention few of the top events you have hosted so far?
Wow! That could be difficult to mention all.

You can mention one or two
Miss and Mr River state for two consecutive years, Lords of the Ribs with Basket mouth, Miss Reliable Nigeria, Miss Global Ambassador Nigeria, Many weddings, Book launches, and many more.

Can you tell us about your recent online TV project, Vibrant TV?
I am still gathering content. I want to do something very different from all the other online TV so I am taking my time to gather my content.

Is there any particular event that took place in your life while growing up which has contributed to who you are today?
Well..I just wanted to make my dad proud.I always wanted to stand out and be a super woman, in my life I knew I wanted to use my voice to make a difference.

Can you mention some of the challenges you are facing in the industry?

Late nights are my major issues, so if an event is not lodging me, I don’t attend. I don’t live a crazy life because I am trying to still tell people that you can be in the entertainment industry and still be normal.

Has being a woman affected or limited you in anyway?

Well I have refused to be in the category of sex abuse… I have never faced any sexual harassment, because my hard work has to speak for me. Though people complain about that a lot but I have refused to listen or hear about it. Then sometimes people prize you like crayfish and I only understood that they don’t believe a woman can bill so much.

 How do you combine your studies with your job?

For now my studies come first, so I pay critical attention to it. If I have exams I stay away from jobs for that period. When I am in school I behave like a student.
Is there any one you look up to as a role model?

Well I have a few but I don’t know what works for them, so I concentrate on what works for me.
I love Larry King a lot. I love Oprah Winfrey too. Instead of just admiring them as role models, I am more concerned about knowing what works for them and how they got to the top.

What is your advice for youths like you who have dreams but are not courageous enough to pursue them?
They should figure out their purpose. Once they do, they will pick up the courage they need.

Thank you very much for granting this interview. We Wish you all the best in your endeavors.
Thanks a lot. I am humbled

You can follow Onyinyechi Okpala on IG  @Onyipex_vibrantlady and @vibranttvofficial.


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  1. Emmanuel Emeka

    January 8, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Onyi the future is so bright for you. Keep keeping focused.

  2. Tee Pounds

    January 26, 2018 at 10:56 am

    Proud of you sister… Since the NYSC days , i know You are talking for a reason. #KeepSoaring

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