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By Rotr Ifeanyi Jude Osuoha

It is heart breaking, shameful and disappointing to observe that children sent to different Tertiary Institutions to study are already married oblivious of their parents i.e students now live like husband and wife in the same room or hostel.

The parents sent them as single boys/girls but getting to the Campus, they do virtually what married men and women do . That’s why we have high rate of abortions in the tertiary Institutions and some times, they give birth to kids and abandon them unknown to their parents.

Some Parents think they are training a son/ daughter not knowing they are sponsoring a couple on Campus with their sweat. When they come back home, they appear as saints and single students before their parents but you don’t know they are rotten, abortionists(killers) and extortionists. Woe to such student!
That’s why some students even after closure of the semester, they keep giving their parents flimsy excuses why they won’t come back until they are in need of more money. Tomorrow, they will start blaming witches and wizards for their ordeals.

No wonder such students like the male’s can’t concentrate to study but depend on sorting to pass while the female students use their bottom power to excel.

Parents! Do you really know who your child is? Can you vouch for him or her?

Against this background, let’s rise and fight this hydra headed monster that has come to ruin the future of our children. Let’s make them know that their is time for every thing in life.

Teach your Son or daughter the way of the lord because that is the highest legacy you can bequeath to him so that when he enters the Campus, whether you are there or not, no amount of peer group pressure will make him/her to join the crowd to commit evil.

And for that foolish student who has decided to live like a mother or father on Campus, it is too early. For sex, when the time comes, you will see sex and run. For now, you are on a fast lane to your untimely grave.

You better make a U- turn and pursue your bright future first before you are ruined by that agent of destruction called boy friend/ girlfriend or course mate.
Run for your dear life now before it gets too late.

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