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By Janice Johnson Pemida

Bed sheets and pillow cases are essential household items used in every home. The demand for bed sheets in Nigeria is directly related to growth in standard of living and income. With the Nigerian population growth and linking it with the increase in urban population and living standards, the growth of these products is expected to be maintained. There are different types of bed sheets made from natural, manmade and blend fabrics.

Currently, the supply of bed sheet in Nigeria is met through domestic production as well as import. While the domestic production is limited in variety and style, imported products are available in diversified designs and quality levels.

Starting a bed sheet business is easy and profitable. The major thing is Capital and marketing skill. It is a business that when you start today, you discover that even your next door neighbors and friends are your easy first customers.

The business is so lucrative that you can sell one bed sheet with minimum profit margin of N2000 and it is so amazing that you can easily and quickly sell 10 -20 bed sheets in one week. When you checkout e-commerce websites like Jumia and konga , you will find out how much merchants sell their bed sheets. The price ranges between N4000 to N8, 500 for a single bed sheet. This means that those merchants will be making N2, 000 to N4, 000 profit on each bed sheet and they sell a lot every week.

Think about this; every home uses bed sheet, there are very few places where they sell bed sheet fabrics or bed sheets around, many people do not know where to buy bed sheets, many hotels, school dormitories, hospitals, etc. need bed sheets, people give bed sheets and duvet as gifts at weddings and during festive periods.

So, with the right knowledge on how this business works and good knowledge of how to easily and quickly market this product, the business will be able to meet our expectations even more than expected.

First of all, you need to decide the method of bed sheet dealership to adopt. It is either you sell already made bed sheets, sell bed sheet fabrics or buy the fabrics, make the bed sheets and sell. If you want to sell already made ones, it is easier because you just look for those making them in large quantities, buy at lesser price and resell. Then is you want to sell the fabrics, your target will be bed sheet makers. However, if you want to the third option, which involves buying of bed sheet fabrics to make and sell to customers, then you need to source for the fabrics at a cheaper rate, get tailors to sew them for you, package and label them then sell. Note that Bed sheet packaging is very important as it helps to boost sales. Without good packaging you might not be able to sell as fast as those who package theirs very well.


  1. Capital to start
  2. Good source to buy good quality bed sheets or fabrics at a good prices.
  3. Knowledge of how to recognize good quality bed sheet fabrics that cannot fade.
  4. Good tailor that makes good bed sheets.
  5. Knowledge of bed sheet packaging.
  6. Quality pictures of the bed sheets for online marketing.
  7. Nylon for packaging.
  8. Knowledge of the easier and quicker ways of selling your bed sheets for huge profit without stress.


The production of bed sheets and pillow covers involves such activities like cutting, sewing, pattern making, designing, and packing. These activities are simple and can be mastered in very short time. Bed sheets come in two main varieties: flat and fitted. A flat sheet is simply a rectangular sheet of cloth, while a fitted sheet has its four corners, and sometimes two or four sides, fitted with elastic, to be used only as a bottom sheet. The fitted sheet may also be secured using a drawstring instead of elastic. The purpose of a fitted bottom sheet is to keep it from slipping off the mattress while the bed is in use.


Cotton and cotton blends dominate the market. The most common blend being cotton and polyester. Cotton provides absorbency and a soft hand, while polyester adds durability and wrinkle resistance.Other common fibers used in the manufacturing of bed sheets include linensilkModal and bamboo rayon, lyocell, and polypropylene. Polypropylene (olefin) is a hypoallergenic spun-bound material produced at a low cost and typically used in emergency shelters or hospitals as disposable sheeting.



The business can be started with as low as N30, 000 on a very small scale. However, on a medium/larger scale, the total cost of setup could be between N500, 000 to N3, 000, 000 excluding land and building.


Selling bed sheet starts from creating awareness and sourcing for clients. There are several ways of creating awareness which will in turn translate to sales:

  1. Place a well-designed sign post about your business and services in a strategic corner in front of your shop so as to create a general awareness for your business.
  2. Go out and source for Clients yourself or employ marketers to do that for you. You can give them targets and salary may be based on sales performance.
  3. You can get people to come and pick them at whole sale prices and resell.
  4. Other promotional and advertising channels like fliers, posters, handbills, billboards, television adverts, radio broadcasts, newspaper spaces, magazine adverts and online marketing will also help you to spread the word about your business to your target audiences. Choose the cost-effective ones for a start and go for the higher ones as your business grows.

In conclusion, Bedsheet business is a very good one because it very easy to start, convenient to run, requires very low start-up capital, can be run on part time basis and surprisingly, you can generate over 1- 2 million Naira annually from this business.

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