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Renowned Fashion entrepreneur, Adenle Omobonlanle says a good number of Nigerian are criminals. She said this in a post she made on Facebook recently.

In the post, she wrote:

After Olajumoke the bread seller turned superstar hosted me as her guest on her TV show recently to talk about my entrepreneurial journey so far, I realize that Falz was actually right to some extent when he said “This is Nigeria, everybody is a criminal”.

How did I arrive at such conclusion? You can only discover that if you are patient enough to read this long post.

While many lazy Nigerians watched my interview and were inspired to also engage their brain and hands to work instead of waiting for the government, family and friends to empower them and many of them gave me series of testimonies of what they are doing at the moment as a result of my story that inspired them and I’m super proud of many of them, a larger percentage came to my inbox to beg for money, accommodation, goods, services, mentorship, house maid job and many came to question my physical luxury acquisition rate.

“I saw you on the street of so and so recently while you are going about your business without your own personal Car and I was really disappointed that you shouldn’t be seen publicly again like common man because you are now a celebrity”

“Please can I travel down to wherever you are to be your house girl and start working for you?”

“Please I just want to come and start living with you because I plan relocating and I don’t have anyone to stay with”

“I want to leave my job and become a boss like you, and my spirit told me that the money will come from you”

“Please I just need free goods from your store to kick-start my own business”

“Please I just need goods from your store on loan till I sell them off and repay you back”

“My parents are this and that, I need school fees from you please”

“Big sis, Im broke, this is my account number to forward anything God lay in your heart”

“My friend, please come and give me money or free goods to set up myself as well and become a boss like you”

The above are few of the messages that keep dropping in my inbox and physically per time and I just laugh out loud when some of them insult me for not replying and empowering them.

Once you appear on the screen on TV in Nigeria, you suddenly become a celebrity that owes everyone one thing or the other. They care less about your source but care more about associating with your glamour and sucking you dry if you are not wise.

Once you appear on TV in Nigeria, everyone question everything you do including questioning why you choose to use a one naira wristwatch instead of using the one million naira version. You suddenly owe everyone explanation for not having the latest car in town, latest houses and many luxuries yet, and you will be highly ridiculed if found in BankyW’s situation that happened recently.

The moment you appear on television or on the pages of the Newspaper in Nigeria for a non criminal act, you have become a celebrity and must start paying your dues by faking it as you are making it to impress your society.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. After the TV show, several young ladies younger and older than me jumped into my inbox to request to be my house maid and work for me as an errand girl for free as long as I can house them and feed them.

What makes them think I’m better than them because I was privileged to be on air and on the pages of the Nigerian newspaper to share my entrepreneurial story to inspire them to start engaging their brain and hands to work like I’m doing? Many reasons surround the answer but the fact still remains that many Nigerians are mentally lazy.

It is very unfortunate that many people live their life to impress this so called people in order to meet up with their expectations in the society by doing illegal deals and becoming crimals to fit into the society assumed standard, but some of us that change our world have declared independence from other peoples opinion.

Everyone loves to associate with glamour but few people realize that there’s more to every glamour they behold in reality.

Nina who was an ex big brother housemate was ridiculed for wearing a lesser Gucci brand dress and I kept wondering why Nigerians can be very unreasonable in their judgement. Where is she working to start with?

Olajumoke related how many curses and abuses she receive per day in her dm from Nigerians that beg her for different things which she cant afford and they end up cursing her for not empowering them.

When a young lady inbox me and insisted that I must give her money or goods to start her own business and I ask her what problem she can start solving to generate the money she desire, she was speechless because it was never about solving any problem for humanity but more about survival. I had to correct her mentality that money gravitates towards solution providers and we find survival while solving people’s problem.

No one promised me anything in life but God promised me everything in life and I have to hold God responsible to source and sustain the life he has given me and make it big time with my big God in this small world. I grow up to know that no one actually owe me anything in this life, I have little or no expectation from any human and government but I promised myself that I will make it and make it big time in anything my hands find doing by the grace of God.

God will not come down from heaven to bless any man, God will definitely use people. Why not let God minister to those who he want to use for you to come to your aid than seeking help from people that you think they owe you help but God has not placed your help in their hands? Let God be the judge and stop being a nuisance around.

Why do you get angry because your rich uncle and family members refuse to empower you, did God tie your destiny together from heaven that he must lift you up to get to where God will have you be in life?

We rise by lifting others, help people when you have the capacity to help and not to impress anyone. If you don’t have the capacity be shameless to let people know what’s up and care less about their ranting.

Remember that no one actually owe you anything in life but you owe yourself everything to be anything you desire by the grace of God. Empower yourself when no one does, pray like you don’t work and work like you don’t pray.

SHAMELESNESS is the way forward in Nigeria or you remain a frustrated nobody. Own your craft, be shameless in whatever your hands find to do, make so much noise about what ever your hands find doing, let those that are tired of your noise delete you. Be proud of your legitimate hustle and let the beggars keep begging if they think you’ve arrived already for making such noise about what you do. Feed the beggars if you can and learn not be intimidated by the threat of beggars that you have no capacity to feed at the moment but cease to understand. Only God can satisfy all the desires in the heart of a man therefore be wise not to struggle with God to uplift a man.

Omobolanle Adenle is my name, I’m a fashion entrepreneur, I empower small and medium scale entrepreneur pitch their own fashion line with very little start up capital through my empowerment fashion line Cheapest Boutique.

When I write you are inspired to be more and do more because it is too late to be a nobody when God has made you somebody.


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